OSX issue

"Oops. Something is broken"

If you got this message in "Blast A Way", follow these steps:

1. Locate the folder "BlastAWay" in finder. If you came to this site by clicking "OK" on a message in your "Blast A Way" application you should already have a finder window open where the folder BlastAWay is highlighted.

2. If you didn't located the BlastAWay folder on your computer, try this path: /Users/YOUR_USER_NAME/Library/Containers/se.illusionlabs.blastawaymac/Data/Library/ The folder "Library" might be hidden for you. If it is, follow these instructions:

3. Right click on the folder "BlastAWay". Select "Get Info" in the drop down menu.

4. Locate the header "Sharing & Permissions, and open the section if it is closed.

5. Make sure you have "Read & Write" as privilege for the user you are logged in as.

6. Restart "Blast A Way". If you still get the warning, continue to step 7.

7. Go back to finder and select the folder "BlastAWay".

8. In this folder you might find a file called register.db. If you find it, delete it. This will delete your progress, but if you use iCloud you can retrieve your progress.

9. Restart "Blast A Way"!

10. If this did not work, please, send us a mail and attach register.db and we will do what we can to help you out.